• Here at Spazio Scena we give life to your dreams of image and sound. Pure audio and video. Dedicated cinemas, home cinema, high fidelity (HiFi), multi-room systems, control and illumination. We combine design with the best quality to create projects focused on homes, commercial spaces and yachts.
  • Multiroom Audio

    Multiroom Audio

    Sound distribution throughout the house or the premises. Choose song and room conveniently through your phone and enjoy the best sound quality thanks to the SONOS equipment.
  • Home Cinema

    Home Cinema

    Home cinema equipment that will transform small spaces and allow you to enjoy the best sound quality when watching films at home.
  • New Media

    New Media

    Small and discreet equipment, but carefully chosen. Portable, wireless audio or headphones. A complete range of small audio gadgets for those who demand the best.
  • Dedicated cinema

    Dedicated cinema

    A unique experience. Dedicated cinemas will not only grant your home sophistication and state-of-the-art equipment, they will avoid it altogether. Amazing sensations for your leisure.
  • Specialised furniture

    Specialised furniture

    To achieve complete integration: Scena Bronze and Glass Mirror TV. Exclusive and unique pieces, tailor-made for each project.
  • High Fidelity (HiFi)

    High Fidelity (HiFi)

    The best stereo equipment for your senses. An extensive range of amplifiers and acoustic boxes for enthusiasts as well as the most devoted audio expert, including exclusive distribution of the 800 Diamond series from Bowers & Wilkins.
  • Projects


    Our project portfolio


803 Diamond: a cutting-edge acoustic box that is easily integrated into any room

803 Diamond: a cutting-edge acoustic box that is easily integrated into any room

The acoustic-box series 800 Diamond by Bowers & Wilkins has been radically remodelled in terms of design, technology and sound performance.

Within the range, the 803 D3 boasts the most compact head ever made by Bowers & Wilkins and comes in a...

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Scena Touch Control

Scena Touch Control

We wold like to present our Scena Touch Control. Based on a tablet of 7" we bet on design, integration and a real easy control. With this control we easy merge all remote control of our Audio&Video installation in just one.

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